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  1. Visual feedback for linked memos
  2. Handling Groups in Network Views
  3. Search in Net Views and Query Tool
  4. Audio Messages and Comments
  5. still waiting patiently for Version 6
  6. warning message for non-rtf assigned docs
  7. Better PD outputs
  8. SEARCHING - more than Google Codes
  9. Cooccurrence feature in network view?
  10. Code manager: toggling between a flat and hierarchical display
  11. Speed regulation
  12. Network View Suggestions V2.0
  13. UI improvements
  14. CTRL Highlighting Functionality
  15. Enhance Query Tool output
  16. Navigating network views
  17. Comments in Memo output?
  18. PDF navigation Atlas.ti 6
  19. Codes and Colors in Atlas.ti 6
  20. Magic Background Atlas.ti 6
  21. Interface and Tools Position
  22. Networks: Code and Family Creation
  23. code explorer/tree
  24. Linking Codes in Code Manager
  25. tip of the day AFTER checking for updates
  26. Copy Image Parts
  27. Super Codes and Colored Codes
  28. Bug or Intention?
  29. Better display of Memos used as PDs
  30. Adding Codes to ORed Supercodes
  31. Saving HU aborted
  32. Short HU Names in Picklist and Browser
  33. Dragging entities from HU to HU
  34. Run standard (auto)codes for added pd
  35. Saving data and HU to a CD
  36. Coding the (Google) Earth
  37. Atlast.TI plugins or add-ons
  38. Report/pub witing integration
  39. Bug
  40. Marker Pen in PDFs
  41. Quicker Customizable Quotations Output
  42. PDF Table as picture
  43. Images for Codes, Memos, Quotes
  44. PDF 1.7 ISO international standard
  45. 3D Network Editor
  46. automate customized output/export for interactive presentation
  47. Table Explorer Navigator
  48. Central Atlas.ti Database
  49. smarter marker pen
  50. New Research Guide
  51. Assign and Unassign Entities
  52. New Quotation Manager Views
  53. Quick Viewer - better accessible Knowledge
  54. Colored Codes
  55. Global Families
  56. compatibility message
  57. Integrated PDs needed
  58. Creating Codes and Memos from Lists
  59. Content and Conversion per Drag&Drop
  60. Simpler Supercoding
  61. Filter, Network Views, Families
  62. Autocolor and Code Manager
  63. Network of HUs
  64. Filter Effect in Network Views
  65. Filter for Network Views
  66. Smart Viewing - Focus
  67. Small but helpful
  68. Automatic ORed Supercodes for Scaled Codes
  69. Show Waveform for audio and video files
  70. Are you sure? Code State Feedback
  71. PD linking and display
  72. Import & Select 4 Solutions
  73. Long Term Filter
  74. Conceptual Closeness and Autocolor
  75. Link Managers Filtering
  76. Code as Memo Juicer
  77. Visual Structure Encapsulation
  78. PD and Windows Folder Management
  79. Simple Needs - Simple Queries
  80. Own OR foreign Text?
  81. Turn wallpaper completely off (V6)
  82. Content-to-Entity Transformation
  83. Open Net-View from PD Text or Margin
  84. Semantic layout
  85. Improved Search in the current PD
  86. Receiving Help
  87. Preview-thumbnail of a "picture-quotation"
  88. Nodes' Font size
  89. Thumbnails in Atlas.ti
  90. increase pdf version from 1.4 to 1.5 (or higher)
  91. ATLAS.ti - Heads up for PIM competitors!
  92. New Manual?
  93. PD families in copy bundle
  94. Code-wrapping in "Print with margin"
  95. Aged Network Editor
  96. Making Atlas.ti useful for coding of online media - move away from MCI?
  97. Allow PD Linking!
  98. Hyperlink manager + network views (features? bugs?)
  99. Invisible Backup Copies
  100. Feedback for Files used as PDs
  101. Self organizing Supercodes
  102. Rate, Evaluate, Compare, Match...
  103. Web based version?
  104. Project dependent User Interface
  105. PDF and PD Management
  106. Codes, Memos, Internet
  107. Save Cooccurrence Table Explorer
  108. Long Term Filtering
  109. Data Source Management - Change Path
  110. Better Doc Management
  111. Index and Linguistic Help
  112. Images and Covers for Documents
  113. Incompatible Files - Handling
  114. Quicker Way to Super Families
  115. Project Management - PD Annotations
  116. BUG: Inconsistent PD Linking in Net Views
  117. Attached Pictures in the New Forum
  118. Organizational Code Hierarchies
  119. Inconsistent Neighbor Concept?
  120. Filter and Customizable Toolbars
  121. Incremental List Search in the PD and Quote Manager
  122. Create Codes AND Memos from Lists
  123. Further Net View Needs
  124. Exploiting mental associations
  125. Font Size Issue
  126. Story Board View - For Interdependent Images
  127. Smarter Mouse Actions
  128. Code Types and Attributes
  129. PDF Bookmarks
  130. Embedded Documents in A6.2
  131. BUG: Little Display Bug in Network Editor
  132. Code Stripes Issue
  133. Assign and Categorize - Entities and Families
  134. BOOK WRITING - Creative Work within Atlas.ti
  135. Output PREVIEW!
  136. Find & Replace by Format
  137. Import and synchronize subtitles
  138. A good solution
  139. Fit Window to a List
  140. Automated Quote Correction - Tolerance
  141. Code Connections Feedback
  142. Mouse Cursor - better feedback, less irritation
  143. Node Comments in NWE
  144. Neighbors we love
  145. Remove All Text Formats
  146. Filter for the Link Manager
  147. support cyrillic, polish etc. characters properly
  148. Customize Coding Stripe Color by Author
  149. Structured Documents & Table of Contents
  150. Code Color Issue
  151. Node Display Improvements
  152. Code Colors in Family Tool
  153. Workflow, Interface, Ergonomics
  154. Node Flickering Issue
  155. Magnetic Net View Grid
  156. Established Codes? Or just concepts?
  157. Standard versus Exception: dragging node groups, creating family for groups
  158. Searching with Atlas.ti
  159. Multiple Selection - Focusing a Code
  160. Working with WORDS and TERMS
  161. Advanced code management
  162. Text search & auto-code
  163. GROUNDEDNESS feedback
  164. DENSITY - global and customized
  165. Import & export
  166. Import, Export, Output
  167. Quick Linking, Quick Coding
  168. Filter by Network View
  169. Node Shapes
  170. Open Net View for Code Group
  171. Duplicate Net View and more...
  172. Thumbnails for Manager
  173. Same as... or Copy/Paste property
  174. Comment and Memo Feedback
  175. Search/Replace Codes
  176. Quotations: 'modify boundaries' in context menu
  177. More Choices in Which Platform I Can Read and Code Text
  178. self-docking window panes
  179. "Family Life" of Network Views
  180. Shortcut Keys with Control
  181. Close commentary-window after safing
  182. Edit Toolbar Re-positioning
  183. PD numbering
  184. Option for Importing Neighbors in Network Views
  185. Renaming codes in column doesn't rename the same code in code manager
  186. Sort by multiple columns
  187. coding derived image subsections
  188. More Options with Memos
  189. What a strange man
  190. Improved ideas for interaction with Atlas.ti
  191. AtlasTI for iPhone only and not Android?
  192. Scrolling in Pane
  193. Contador de palabras
  194. display code label when cursor hovers over coding stripe
  195. Bringing "print with margin" feature to the QueryTool
  196. When clicking a code in the code manager...
  197. Advantages of Merging HU Files
  198. Scroll bar in code pane would be a big help
  199. Additional file formats for primary documents
  200. Code ordering in the navigation pane
  201. Opening P-Docs on a Flash Drive
  202. Open coding finds codes based on any part of text string, not just first part
  203. Feature request: remove document from family right click
  204. hyperlink manager and a new nv out of multiple objects in nvs
  205. Really minor one: rewind and ffwd keys when transcribing
  206. Improvement of margin area to not go into areas that are not displayed on the screen
  207. Interaktive Calendar for Project Management and Action Research
  208. 7.1.4 service pack issues and release schedule
  209. Improvement in text search tools
  210. Button to define and set width for PD load area and margin load area
  211. Hyperlink manager
  212. Network View suggestions
  213. Forum Suggestion
  214. Voting system for feature suggestion
  215. Super Codes/Families
  216. Additional information for reports
  217. Enable drag-and-drop linking of memos to query results (or a supercode)
  218. PDF File Highlights and Comments on Mac Version
  219. is it possible to have quotes list in colors?;)
  220. Beating NCapture - could ATLAS.ti and its network visualisations do this?
  221. Make this part of the forum a marketing/customer relations tool not a blank slate
  222. undo
  223. Ideas on quotations and memos
  224. ATLAS.ti for Mac - full screen display
  225. Adjusting highlighted text after codes have been entered.
  226. Pitch adjust when changing audio/video speed
  227. (Mac) Document Display: Zoom
  228. Mac - Memo Formatting
  229. Code search should search for any string
  230. ODT support
  231. Slider bar would be great
  232. Mac version wishlist
  233. Visually frequency by size of node in network view
  234. Sorting output reports by document name (not ID)
  235. more colors . . .
  236. More option for coding different quotations with same set of codes