View Full Version : New supercodes to filtered family

Nick Woolf
2006-01-30, 08:58 PM
Thomas - when you have a code family filter on and you create a new code, it automatically goes into that family. But if you have a code family filter on, and go to make a supercode out of some of the codes while leaving the filter on, which is a very convenient way to work as you just see those codes in the query tool to work with, the newly minted supercode does not automatically get assigned into the currently filtered code family. Is that a bug? It would be great if the new supercode did pop into the family automatically, that would be logical for most uses.

Thomas Muhr
2006-01-30, 09:01 PM
We've already implemented inclusion of newly created supercodes in the active family (except super families, of course). The next service pack is not far away ....
- Thomas