View Full Version : create primary documents

2006-03-25, 06:45 PM

it would be helpful to can create spontaneously a new document and not only to can assign one.

So we could start with a new Idea or Question or whatever introducing content by writing or pasting.

The options could be:
- Menu/Documents/Create empty document
- Menu/Documents/Create document from Clipboard.

Later, when we want to save the HU, Atlas.ti could also create richtext files using the content of such new documents.

- more spontaneity, while adding new thoughts or content
- maintaining the workflow, avoiding other peripheric activities (need to create textfiles before we can assign them as PDs)


Thomas Muhr
2006-03-29, 07:52 PM
Make use of PD Memos! Simply start by creating a memo, assign it as a PD and then continue editing and coding it in the PD area.

- Thomas