View Full Version : Adding structured data to <code,quotation> tupple

2006-09-28, 04:49 PM

For my research the following feature would be very useful:

When coding text in a primary document I often have to capture some essentials of the text in a structured way. For example:

Quotation 1 is coded as ContractualDiscussion which involves a first party, a second party and a contract issue of interest. It would be great if i could capture that structure information along with the coding of the quotation.

Here are some imaginary results of such structured coding "comments":

Code: ContractualDiscussion Quotation: Quotation 1 {
primaryParty: Framework Vendor
secondParty: Framework customer
contractIssue: proprietary solution adequacy

Code: ContractualDiscussion: Quotation: Quotation 2 {
primaryParty: ALF designer
secondParty: Tool Vendor
contractIssue: open architecture requirement

I wonder whether this is a rather specialized requirement for my research or whether others have also encountered the need to structure comments during coding.