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2007-02-27, 06:28 PM
Prior to using Atlas.ti for data analysis, I used MsExcel. Many who saw my basic coding technique were surprised at how simple it was to use Excel without having to learn anything fancy (just normal, jo-schmo users could do it). For the sake (i.e. hope) of advancing QDA software analysis, I am providing a link to a file of a pilot study (note all names are pseudonyms, there's no identifying info). Click to retrieve the file:


The very nice thing about coding this way is in the "AutoFilter" option. Note how quick and easy it is to filter through the different codes for each column. I loved this about using Excel and have not found any QDA package that allows for such quick and easy viewing access to codes at different levels in this way. The problems I had with Excel were getting beyond this level in terms of linking passages together, and adding/searching memos (commenting is fine, but allows no searching/aggregation). Atlas.ti is particularly good at establishing these deeper level connections, especially semantic coding (i.e. linking).

Let's face it, Atlas' support for spreadsheets is somewhat dismall (I tried to import such a sheet and just couldn't get the formatting to work out). What I propose, though, is some sort of columnar or spreadsheet layout in Atlas.ti that allows users to quickly look across different codes in a tabular format. This sheet would be interactive (as each cell would be its own object) and allow for linking between/among objects, in addition to the "quick filter" technique used in Excel.

The Network view is one powerful alternative to viewing data. I think the spreadsheet or "selected column" view might be an equally powerful alternative representation.

2007-02-27, 06:40 PM
I guess the URL is case sensitive. If the above link did not work for you, try this one: