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2007-03-28, 04:47 PM

0. General Wish

It would be excellent if the whole Atlas.ti Network features
would be improved and new features would be added.
Conceptual Networks are a great help and should become
much more important. Some little suggestions fallow:

1. Scroll View

I miss a simple Shift Option for the network view (Instead of
the uncomfortable scrolling using the scroll bars). Suggestion:
- Pressing Space Key + Drag with the mouse would allow
to scroll in any direction. (Alternatives: Ctr+Drag or Shift+Drag)
- While Pressing the Key the cursor would signal the new
function changing to a hand icon.
- The function would be only active as long as we hold down
the respective Key.

2. Align Tool and more

a) A new option: "Distribute horizontally (Spacing)" should
assure that objects don't overlap each other (increasing the
distance between them if necessary). Same suggestion for
vertical positioning: "Distribute vertically (Spacing)".

b) A general spacing option for object groups (but only for
a selected group) that eliminates overlapping increasing only the
distances between overlapping objects, without to make use of
an other kind of distribution. This increases very quickly the readability
of the map.

Because this can very often help to improve the map,
I suggest to introduce it as Entry into the Object Group
Context Menu for a quicker use.

b') As alternative I could imagine to use the Shrink Layout and
Expand Layout for spacing. This would work as fallows:
- If several objects are selected, then Shrink and Expand would
work only for these objects and not change the whole Layout.
(The difference would be that this wouldn't be scaling but real
- If just one Object or nothing is selected, then Shrink
and Expand would work as usual.
- Probably it would be meaningful to change their names to
"Expand group or layout" and "Shrink group or layout"
to clarify their use.

c) Suggest a Toolbar Button for the Align Tool or to introduce
its functions as button group in the Toolbar for a quicker selection.

3. Centering

It would be useful to can quickly move back to the center of
the view after diverse changing without the need to scroll.
Suggest to use an entry in the Context Menu and the Home Key
(German:Pos1) for that. Alternative Ctr+0 or Ctr+Enter.

More detailed:
- if nothing selected, then Atlas.ti centers the view.
- if one or many objects selected, then Atlas.ti focuses
even on them and moves the view so that they become centered.

We use for both cases the same command.

4. Fit Window and more

As already suggested some days ago, Fit Window should not
only Fit the Content to the Window, but also centralize it so
that we can see everything without the need to scroll.

In addition I suggest a multifunctional fitting:
- if nothing or just one object is selected, then it works
as usual fitting the Window.
- if a group of objects is selected, then it fits this group to
the window (alternative it does this only if we also press
an additional key)

Best Regards