View Full Version : Bug: quotations dis- and reappearing when scrolling

2007-04-12, 08:45 AM
Atlas.ti version: 5.2.9 (demo)
System: Windows XP Professional, version 5.1.2600

When scrolling a text document with quotations in the margin (an imported MS Word document), I sometimes see that the brackets (and associated codes) disapear for a while while scrolling the text. That is, while the quotation is in the top area of the screen, it appears. Then, while it moves to the center, it disapears, and finally, it reapears when it enters the bottom part of the screen. The problem is, that this behaviour is hard to reproduce. It seems like a redrawing problem that only occurs in very specific circumstances. Just for reference: I was scrolling by holding the mouse in the code area and using the scroll wheel. The problem occured both when scrolling up and when scrolling down.

I will try to submit some screen shots when I spot the problem next time.

2007-06-06, 03:46 PM
I have managed to capture the behavious I was talking about in a series of screenshots. Note how the braces in on the right for the selected piece of text disapear and re-apear? For the bug to occur, it does not matter if the quotation is selected or not, by they way. It just makes it easier to spot in the screen shots.

The text itself is of course blurred to protect the confidentiality of the interview I am coding at this moment.

Here, you see that there is a brace and some codes for the selected text:

Now, I started scrolling upwards. Note that the brace and it's codes disapear into thin air.

Scrolling even further up, they appear again.

The direction of scrolling is not an influence, but it seems that the drawing of other, surrounding codes (perhaps with the same colour) might me.