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2007-04-21, 10:12 PM

Filtering features are very important for an effective work.
I would like to present you a suggestion for a more powerful filtering.
I'll explain this at the sample of the Memo Manager, but I suggest
to introduce similar possibilities in all managers.

Currently the filtering options are "hidden" in the Menu: Memo/Filter/...
and we only can use them one after an other. This means that we have to
go the same way again and again "Memo/Filter...", and that we cannot really
combine them.

The new suggestion not only allows a direct use of all filters, but it also
introduces a simple Boolean Filter and allows to the same time extreme
powerful combinations for a really sophisticated filtering and precise results.

Please look at the picture. The Boolean Filter would work as fallows:

- Atlas.ti could offer 5-10 main panels (in the drawing, panels are the main
titles, black text on a gray background on the left side, which can be
collapsed or expanded.
- A panel would represent one kind of entity.
- We would select the entity from a dropdown list (the little "down" arrow
after an every title)
- We would can select one operator per panel (AND, OR, NON)
- Under an every panel would appear the currently existent list of entities
which correspond to it. (Under the PD panel we would see PDs ...)
- We could select one or several entries.
- All these selections would life change the Memo list on the right side.

Atlas.ti would allow to combine such results with the other filter.
E.g. we could use the GREP search inside of the results of the
boolean query and so on.

Thanks and Best Regards

2007-04-24, 01:03 PM

these are further details about the suggested Filter System.

1. The main button which activates/deactivates all filter, not only hides
buttons if it isn't active, but it also hides the whole Boolean Filter area.
The Memo Manager looks then as usual.

2. The lists of PDs, Codes or whatever on the left Boolean Filter area, aren't
complete lists of PDs, Codes or whatever. We only see things which have a
direct relation to the list of Memos. Not related things wouldn't make sense.

Best Regards