View Full Version : Extract instead of assign PDs

2007-09-17, 01:57 PM

it would be helpful when we sometimes could extract
the content from a Doc without to remain connected.

The extracted Text would remain a kind of integrated PD
(similar to memos). This would be a very compact kind
of work and we would remain independent of any other
external things. This would also avoid the too frequent
misuse of memos as PDs, which is the current solution
for that.

It should also exist the possibility to can extract the content
from an already assigned Doc and disconnect the original,
without to lose anything from the already done coding work,
which would remain related to the now integrated content.

Also it should be possible to transform a memo into an
integrated PD. This means that the memo becomes an
integrated PD and doesn't continue to be just "used as PD".

Best Regards