View Full Version : Navigation between Networks!

2007-09-20, 09:56 AM

An entity (code, memo,...) can be part of several network
views, which represent different points of view or contexts.

It would be useful to can more sensibly navigate between
such points of view to obtain a deeper insight.

I suggest the fallowing kind of navigation:
- we would right click on the wished entity.
- we would select the entry: "Go to View"
- Atlas.ti would offer a list of Network Views, but only Views
which contain the current entity.
- We would simply click on the needed View.

The offered List could be arranged alphabetically or dependent
on the connectedness of our entity in the respective maps
(kind and number of links). A third variant would be alphabetically
arranged and an every entry would also display a number which
would represent the connections we would find there.

Such a new kind of focused navigation by relevance would help
to better understand, organize/correlate things.

Best Regards