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2007-09-21, 10:37 AM

as already said, the node creation in networks is far too
laborious for a quick and spontaneous work.


Step1: Click on Nodes in the Menu.
Step2: Click on New Node
Step3: Choose Code or Memo and click
Step4: Type your word and OK
Step5: Move cursor to the wished position and click.



All suggested ways are three or two steps shorter!

1.Direct typing

Step1: We directly begin to type our words
Step2: In the little dialog that appears we can choose Code, Memo or Cancel

(The place of creation is the place the mouse cursor is at that time,
so we can excellently control the position)

2.Shift + Click / Ctr + Click (Shift for Memos, Ctr for Codes)

Step1: We click on the right place (while pressing Sh or Ctr Key)
Step2: We type our text

3.C + Click / M + Click (C = Code, M = Memo)

Step1: Click on the wished position (while pressing C or M)
Step2: Type your text

4.Ctr + Click

Step1: Click into the workspace on the wished position
Step2: The little "Code or Memo" selection appears and we click one.
Step3: Type your text

5.Ctr + Click / M + Click (Ctr for Codes, M for Memos)

Step1: Click into the workspace (while pressing Ctr or M)
Step2: Type your text

6.Two Buttons (one for Nodes, one for Memos)

Step1: Click on the Node/Memo button
Step2: Type your text
Step3: Move the cursor to the wished position and click

I suppose the number "1." is the most natural and simple.
The user doesn't need to learn keys, he doesn't need to search
for special buttons or hidden menu entries for clicking.
He directly creates!!!

This would be a great simplification of our work!

Best Regards

2008-02-19, 05:43 PM

Please see the picture to compare what we currently
need to do... and what we should can do...

I'll post very soon an exact description of better alternatives.
Our node creation is much to complicated and slow!!!

Best Regards

2008-02-20, 11:01 AM

Here is the promised post about a quicker node creation. In the picture you
can see three alternative ways.

1. Direct Typing - a) or b)

I personally recommend it! It is a very short and intuitive way.

The first thing we do in this version, is to directly put our thoughts to "paper".
We simply begin to type our idea and Atlas.ti instantly opens an input field.
The place of creation is where the mouse cursor was at the begin of typing.

But I also recommend further additional kinds of start (customizable in the
preferences): Just Click or Ctr+Click or Alt+Click in the workspace would also
open our field for node creation.

It is excellent that we don't need to leave the Network, to search in the
Toolbar or Menus for buttons or entries. No cognitive break is there!
We remain fully concentrated!

The standard input field can open as code or memo version (customizable in
the preferences). The role "a standard" plays is to shorten/simplify the way
to our preferred/most often used kind of node. The standard needs just
pressing Enter after typing, while the other Ctr+Enter or a click on the little

The principle used by this version (a standard + clickable buttons in the field)
allows to extend the concept in the future, if you would like to add further
types of nodes - further buttons - for the direct creation.

2. Pressing "C" for Code or "M" for Memo

This needs one step more than 1. and needs to remember first "C" and "M",
which represents a little cognitive break. (But even this solution is quicker
than our current one)

3. Direct Typing for Codes and a Button for Memos.

For codes this is very quickly, for memos we need one step more.
An other disadvantage is the "thought-splitting": Type versus Toolbar
Button... instead to use the same procedure and place for both entities.

__________________________________________________ ______

I could imagine even other solutions, but I think 1. is very good and
in any case much better than our current way.

Whatever you decide, if you program the recommended solution 1.
or you have a better idea... PLEASE do something to improve our current
node creation, which is very bad and slowly from my point of view!

Thanks and Best Regards

2008-02-20, 12:35 PM

renaming nodes is currently possible from the context menu.
This means:

- right click on the node
- choose rename
- rename
- click OK

Please introduce also this alternative:

If a node is selected

- press Enter (to activate renaming)
- rename
- press Enter (to complete)

But I suggest to introduce renaming "in place", directly in the node and
not in an additional dialog which opens. The nearer we remain by our nodes
and networks, the more intensive is our work experience.

Best Regards

Gerben Moerman
2008-02-20, 09:57 PM
Hi Michael,
You're full of ideas! This is a good one again, I would also like to suggest the possibility to add code families and pd families to any of the new node functions.

Warm greeting,

2008-03-10, 11:31 AM

When we currently open a code creation dialog and want to produce
many codes in one go, then we need to type "|" after an every code.
This is a good character, because it cannot be easily confound.
But it is not easy to type: "Alt Gr + |" and this makes us a little bit slowly
while typing.

What about the following way?

1.Press Enter to automatically add a "|"
2.Press Ctr + Enter to complete the action and close the tool.

I think it isn't the same to need to press 5 times "Alt Gr + |" or to
quickly use Enter instead.

Multicode creation would become nicer.

Best Regards

2008-03-10, 11:16 PM

For the multi-code creation I suggested an easier command:

- "Enter" instead of "Alt Gr + |" to add a "|" character
- "Ctr + Enter" to complete and close.

Here is a similar but even simpler way:

- "Enter" instead of "Alt Gr + |" to add a "|" character
- "Enter" again to close.

With other words, two consecutive "|" characters complete and close
the tool. Hence "Enter" is the only key we have to learn (?) and press
and this is simpler than currently.

Best Regards