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2007-11-08, 11:10 AM

I suggest to introduce better search options in the Manager.

I could imagine a specialized version of the Object Crawler, but not as
separate Dialog. It should be integrated in the Manager interface.

The toolbar of an every manager would additionally contain a Query Field
similar to the Field we currently find in the Object Crawler. There we would
can directly type our search words. Near to it we would have some check
buttons to define the Scope.

We wouldn't need the areas "Select Objects" and "Display Results" we
currently have in the Object Crawler:

a) "Select Objects" - no need, because a manager is already
specialized in a limited kind of objects
b) "Display Results" - no need, because the manager itself is
such a view window.

This kind of search would be quick and simple. We wouldn't need to open a
special tool, but just type our search words and press return.

Best Regards

Thomas Muhr
2007-11-11, 10:05 AM
in fact this would be an extended temporary filter interface (one could then create a permanent filter right away).
This is a good idea, like many others you posted already!

- Thomas

2007-11-11, 02:24 PM

yes, to can save a temporary as a permanent filter would be great.
Lists of such permanent filters would allow a very quick search in
"standardized" similar situations. Also time saving would be to can
export such filters to other HUs. And it would be good when the
filter would remain editable, but not a disaster if not.

Some similar/additional thoughts about filtering are also in my older

Best Regards

(PS. A parallel thought: having a Central Manager for all kinds of entities,
including Filters would simplify the work in Atlas.ti. An every HU could
import Filters, Codes... and whatever from here.

The more we work, the more professional would become this Central
Manager, offering lots of entity lists and already detailed, good designed
search queries as filters or super-objects.

An every new HU would can be quickly equipped using knowledge we've
already accumulated from past researches. This would save a lot of time
and energy)

2007-11-11, 07:10 PM
Dear Thomas,

The Query Tool, Object Crawler, the Family/Super Family Tools and also the
Trees, offer several options for finding things or building super-entities.

I wonder if it would be possible to restructure and regroup them, hence
simplify Atlas.ti fallowing the next thoughts:

1. ONLY ONE single, general SEARCH TOOL (Finder) which would
simply find the most things.

They would offer inside of the same interface features like filtering and
building super-entities. This means that we wouldn't need to open further
"Sub-tools". Managers would be all-in-one interfaces.

- This could be realized e.g. partitioning the Managers in several areas.
E.g. on the left one for filtering and on the right one for the lists (results).
Such areas would can be customized, collapsed/expanded, ...
- An alternative would be tabs: One for the current manager, other for
current subtools.

Just one single TREE tool would manage all the other tree views as tabs.
This way we wouldn't have to remember a special location for an every one
of them, but just call the TREE tool. This view could also be (or become if
wished) part of the general interface (similar to the code area - margin - in
the main view).

An older rough sketch I posted looks a little bit similar. See the attached
drawing in "HUs and PDs as Tabs"

There two of the tree views are together as parts of the general interface.
In this sketch they are together in the code area - margin. But Codes and
Trees could be separated, the trees would can build an own group/area.


I know these three thoughts would need some hard reflections and work
until they could be realized, but I think they are more than worth. They
would reduce learn steps, increase the overview quality, simplify our
thoughts. Really great for newbies, practical for experienced users.

Thanks and Best Regards

2009-06-16, 10:07 AM
Dear Thomas,

what has become of the search field idea?
Any chance to see it in the near future?
I would love a direct search in our manager
and network windows!


2009-06-20, 04:20 PM

I hope you'll introduce the direct search function as soon as possible.
I wouldn't only love it, the problem is that I'm currently much more
slowly than I should.


To manually/visually find a node in a complex and large network view is
quite frustrating, when no search function is directly there. Especially when
you only remember a word in the name but not the complete name or when
you'd like to find a node by a term which is part of its comment. The same
also when you know your term but there is simply a large number of

Here the only elegant and efficient solution would be a direct search,
accompanied by a good working intellisense function. It wouldn't only find
what we need and offer alternatives while typing, but also highlight
the resulted entities in the map, so that we immediately can continue
to work.

Without such features I'm simply much slower than I should, as well in
Network views as also in the Managers.


2009-08-12, 11:32 PM

not only the direct search in Manager and Network Views would be a very
important feature, but I also hope that Atlas.ti will be able to index its data,
and offer two kinds of searches:

a) using the indexed words - (great if the index-machine and the index itself
would be customizable - e.g. that we can add "association swarms" similar
to our search swarms)
b) full search.

Indexed documents would make Atlas.ti's searches much quicker.
A customizable indexing would work a little bit similar to auto-coding
but on a more linguistic level.

The index shouldn't only help from "behind the screen" but also be visually
displayed as list, where we can click and choose one of the offered

There could be even two parallel lists which work together:
a) the first one would offer the index,
b) the second list would display associations for the terms we select in the first list.

This way, the index wouldn't only help to quicken the search,
but also inspire to new combinations and so on ...

When Google, Amazon, Wikipedia and all the other big info-manager are able
to offer so quick searches in millions of documents and also intellisense, then
I hope it will be also possible for us to quicken a little our search in our usually
just some few hundreds or thousands of memos and PDs in a HU.


2010-11-30, 10:59 PM
1. I would like to remember our need for a search option in one and many network views.
We need to can find objects by name AND/OR(customizable) by comment content.

2. To the same time a more flexible search in Manager using Ctr+F, hence not only
search in the currently opened comment window, but in all comments and entitiy names.
Entities which would contain the things we search for, would be highlighted, so that we
instantly recognize the places we should take a look.

3. Ctr+F doesn't work in the Object Explorer and similar tree tools. This should be improved.

Thanks, Michael