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2007-11-12, 02:39 PM

Do you want to link, hyperlink, relate?
You find a large number of options at different places.

I. Many Problems ONE Solution:

1. PROBLEM: Large Amount of Entries
Some of the listed entries(see picture) appear many times in many Sub-Menus.
This increases the amount of information in the affected Menus and makes
them more complicated and hard to overview

SOLUTION: A new Menu "LINKS" would contain all of them.

2. PROBLEM: Inconsistent use of Names/Terms:
- Link-Manager(Quotations) means the same as Hyperlink Manager (Networks)
- Link-Manager(Codes) means the same as Code-Link Manager(Networks)
- Link-Manager(Quotations) means not the same as Link Manager(Codes)
- A Link-Manager opens a Code-Code Relation Editor (two different names)
- A little bit confusing: Links, Hyper-Links, Relations.

SOLUTION: LINKS - only one menu and unique names.

and additionally:
- Links and Hyper-Links could be managed by the same Manager (different icons
and a column for them)
- Relations (Links and Hyperlinks) could be also managed together.

3. PROBLEM: Too far-scattered Linking functions
Although they all handle with links, they aren't together. We find them in different
Menus and Sub-Menus, so that we have to think too much about how and where...

SOLUTION: LINKS - all together

4. PROBLEM: Confusing thoughts about Linking Options.
Some menus contain them, some don't. E.g. PDs cannot be linked from Menus,
but Codes do, although they both can be linked in the Network View. So one could
e.g. expect to can link PDs by list or other ways, but he doesn't find such an entry.

Understanding what is more or less context relevant and what we can or don't can
find in menus, needs a very good overview wisdom. Newbies cannot have it.
Average user usually don't have a perfect representation of that in their mind.
Professional user are versed, but the interface remains complex even for them...

SOLUTION: LINKS - if something is possible, then you find it here.


The idea is simple. If you are thinking about things like:
- I would like to link/unlink or create a relation...
- How to manage Links/Relations?

There should exist only one single Answer: The LINK menu!
(it would be great, when there wouldn't exist any exceptions)

The new LINK menu would also provide context relevance. If there are things which
are irrelevant/impossible at a special time, then they would be inactive and grayish.

III. ADVANTAGES:....simplicity

See attached sketch for a first impression.
As you can see, we don't lose any functions,
we just get a simpler interface.

The thoughts would have to be elaborated.

IV. Last but not least an ALTERNATIVE

A fusion: LINK + NETWORKS could eventually continue the simplification.
The suggested LINK sub-menus would can be sub-menus of NETWORKS,
or the other way around, NETWORKS would be sub-menus of LINK.

Thanks and Best Regards

2007-11-13, 05:53 PM

1. First simplification suggestion (see picture).

A new LINK MANAGER tool replaces the current:
- Link Manager
- Hyperlink Manager
- Code-Code Relation Editor
- Hyperlink Relation Editor

The new Tool uses tabs
(I hope you aren't using Prolog, because when I'm not false, this language
has some problems with the design of tabbed dialogs)

a) One of the Tabs would manage the Links. We would can manage Links and
Hyperlinks together (see picture) or we would can toggle them and see just
one of them at a time. Atlas.ti would provide this options as check buttons
in the toolbar or as entries in the drop down list of the button: "switch view".

b) The other Tab would represent the Relation Editor. This editor would also
be reorganized so that we could edit both kinds of relation.


User would have less to learn and remember, less to scroll through the
menus... a more compact work. Also this tool perfectly blends in the new
LINK menu.

2. Alternative simplification - a radical way:

When Atlas.ti would perfectly integrate the Link Management in the
corresponding Object Managers (Code-Code Links in the Code Manager,
Hyperlinks in the Quotation Manager), so that we can do there the same
things we also do in the Link Manager, then all kinds of separated
Link Manager would become obsolete. This could be also a good way.

Thanks and Best Regards