View Full Version : Automated Memo and/or PD loading

2007-11-25, 04:21 PM

what about an automated Memo and PD loading?

- We would can define for an every HU a special Folder for auto-loading.
- Infos, Notes, Ideas, Emails... everything (compatible) we save to this
Folder during our work with other software, would be automatically imported
to the corresponding HU.
- A new function would allow not only to disconnect a File, but also to
delete the original Document, when it is or becomes uninteresting after
extracting relevant content.
- Imported files would be and remain highlighted in the Manager to
remember us that they are new, as long as we don't open the respective
(PD/Memo) or don't put it into a family or something similar.

Against this idea: Too many data saved to this folder would let the HU size
grow and grow (unperceived)

Solution: Atlas.ti wouldn't "completely" assign the documents it finds there,
but only introduce them as entries/links into our PD/Memo manager. Only in
the moment we click on them Atlas.ti would import them or offer a dialog for
that (if direct import or first a dialog... this would be something for the

This way Atlas.ti could also help as a Research related Info-Manager.
Ideas, Notes, Memos around our Research would be always up to date,
without the necessity to manually control the respective folder and think
if we've forgotten one of them or not.

Thanks and Best Regards