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2007-11-28, 02:01 AM

Just imagine you've linked two nodes:

ORANGE --- isa ---> FRUIT

Your job now: introduce "CITRUS FRUIT" in your relation!
The relation would have to look as fallows:

ORANGE --- isa ---> CITRUS FRUIT --- isa ---> FRUIT

My suggestion is to introduce an entry in the context menu of an every link:
"Create new object in the middle" or "Split Link". So Atlas.ti would delete the
link, create a new object and automatically link it to the other two. The new
links would have the same direction and relation as the older one. This way
we could do the job simpler and quicker.

(it should be checked if there are link types or node combinations which
wouldn't allow a logical splitting - for such cases an additional dialog could
appear or the entry wouldn't be active)


Five steps ! are currently needed to do the job:

1. select the isa link
2. click on the delete button in the toolbar
3. create the CITRUS FRUIT object
4. create an isa link from ORANGE to CITRUS FRUIT
5. create an isa link from CITRUS FRUIT to FRUIT

Two steps ! are needed if you introduce my suggestion:

1. right-click on the isa link and select "Split Link"
2. Type a name for the Node. OK. (links appear automatically)

... and we save time again!

Thanks and Best Regards

2007-11-28, 02:32 PM

here are some additional features:

1. The node introduction I suggested in the last tread should also work the
other way round. Atlas.ti would remove the CITRUS FRUIT and simplify the
network, linking ORANGE directly to FRUIT.


ORANGE --- isa ---> CITRUS FRUIT --- isa ---> FRUIT


ORANGE --- isa ---> FRUIT

2. The same functions should be possible also when we would have several
objects, which are linked to the same parent and use the same direction and
relation. We would select all the links and let Atlas.ti introduce an object
(CITRUS FRUIT) between children and the parent (FRUIT)


ORANGE --- isa -
LIME ------------ isa ----
LEMON ------------ isa -------> FRUIT


ORANGE --- isa -
LIME ------------ isa ----
LEMON ------------ isa -------> CITRUS FRUIT --- isa ---> FRUIT

The way back should also be possible. Atlas.ti would simplify the network
removing the CITRUS FRUIT and linking the nodes directly with the parent

... all that is time saving

Best Regards