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2008-02-01, 12:55 AM

All modern DAM Applications (Digital Asset Management and Cataloging)
e.g. Microsoft Expression Media, Extensis Portfolio and many others ... can
read and edit Meta-Data included in Text, Images and so on. I'm talking about
IPTC (International Press Telecommunications Council) and XMP (Extensible
Metadata Platform)

So an every File (can) contains keywords, categories or information about
author, rights and lots of other details, which could be excellently used in Atlas.ti.

It would be really more than great, when Atlas.ti could read (or also edit) all
or at least the most relevant annotations and offer an interface for managing
our documents, dependent on the found categories and keywords.

Maybe the fallowing rough thoughts could inspire you: Atlas.ti would use
categories as families and keywords as codes. Or it would display the found
annotations and ask for an integration way with checkable options... or
something similar.

Please think about IPTC and XMP integration, because this would save hours
of work. All serious Press, Media, Advertisement Agencies and many other
Institutions or people which have to handle large amounts of data, use such
DAM software and would can profit from a better info exchange with

From my point of view, it would be also great, to can save codes and
families in our PDs as embedded Meta-Data. This would enormously help to
manage PDs in DAM Software after a done work in Atlas.ti. The Application
would simply adopt the info introduced by Atlas.ti and manage the files
depending on that.

Why should we work twice?

Thanks and Best Regards

2008-02-04, 02:12 PM

further thoughts about META-DATA handling.

1. What about a modification of our File Comments especially for this purpose?
Instead of just one Text Field as currently, we would have many fields/cells which
would correspond to IPTC and/or XMP Standards (Categories, Keywords, ... ).

a) Everything we type into the text cells, would can be saved as PD own
Meta-Data (also permanently saved in the original document) and could be
read and used by Management (DAM) software.

b) When we assign a document, Atlas.ti would read the Meta-Data and
automatically display the found things in our text cells in the File Comment.

2. In addition we would also can display comment fields as columns in the PD
Manager. An every user could customize its Manager, displaying only such
kind of Meta-Data, that corresponds his own needs. An alternative to the
Columns would be a Search Field integrated in the PD-Manager interface
(we've already talked about).

3. Atlas.ti would also allow to do something like introducing codes or family
names or whatever as e.g. keywords or categories in the respective Meta-
Data fields in the File Comment.

Best Regards

2008-02-12, 12:24 PM

1.Classification for the use in management software

It would be helpful when HU-Files would have an interface to edit Meta-Data
(IPTC and XMP). As suggested for PDs this could be offered in the
(HU-)comment dialog.

After we've added categories, keywords, ... to the HU-Meta-Data,
a HU would can be automatically correctly classified in Management
Software. This would assure a good and reliable integration of HUs in the
general workflow (outside of Atlas.ti)

2. Classification inside of a new HU Overview Interface

Categories, keywords and so on could be also used by Atlas.ti itself to e.g.
organize a larger number of HUs. Such an interface could have two areas:
- a tree view - where HUs could be seen in hierarchical groups.
- a network view - where we also could create/represent non linear
dependencies as links.
- a click on a HU icon would display its comment
- a double click on a HU would open it

This visual interface could be started from an every HU and offer a quick
research overview.

I personally use 32 HUs currently and I would really like to have a better and
more organized access to them inside of Atlas.ti. And of course I would like
to see how HUs are interrelated, especially because my HUs are not
independent - they "support" one another. A HU-Network-View would be
perfect for such purposes.

3.Organizing HUs - an indirect way

If there are serious reasons against the suggestion 2., then I also could
imagine an alternative solution:

- Atlas.ti would allow to assign HUs to a HU. This would make possible to
represent HUs similar to an every other PD as nodes in the Network View and
also manage them using e.g. families or whatever.

Best Regards

2008-02-18, 04:52 PM

Imagine you wouldn't only see the HU icon in your WinExplorer, but also a
picture associated to the HU (if WinExplorer Thumbnail View selected).

This is just fun? Not really!

1.A representative image would help to quicker recognize the right HU.
2.All File/Data Management Software display such Thumbnails in their
browser. Instead to find there just a little HU icon, we could see an
informative image.

Three samples + one more

- The book cover (of the book you analyse in the HU)
- Fotos of persons (for any of several HUs about persons)
- A Logo (e.g. for a special research project or an every HU created
by a special person, team or institution)
- Or nice image for a HU about you. Please see the picture...


- When an every HU could have an own wallpaper, then the used thumnail
could be its smaller version.
- Alternatively, we could have the possibility to assign a picture for this purpose.
- Atlas.ti could add its icon to the fotos, so that we easily recognize that
it is a HU and not just a simple image.

Best Regards