View Full Version : More Visual Feedback for PDs and Codes

2008-02-04, 11:47 AM

It would be great...

1. PDs: Especially for Image-PDs it would be helpful when they would can
appear in the manager and network views as Thumbnails. But the Thumbnail
Display could also be interesting also for other documents.

A further interesting function could be the possibility to can assign an image
as thumbnail to a document. Just imagine we could use a picture of
"Einstein" for an every PD about "Einstein"... This function is similar to the
use of icons.

2. CODES: It would be helpful when we could use icons for codes and the
icons would can be customized/created by user. The icons would appear in
the manager and network views. Especially people which often use or study
signs/symbols by their researches, would can profit by this... I suppose this
is a huge number of people.

(I am one of them and need icons in a mixed area of semiotics, visual
communication and design, innovation and creativity research, systems
theories and studies around complexity, history of style, anthropology...
I mostly create icons for representative concepts and would like to can use
them also in Atlas.ti, to amplify the cognitive impact while working)

Best Regards

2008-07-07, 07:20 PM

as already said, visual information like icons and pictures can
hardly increase the cognitive impact.

I suggest to provide icons and pictures as part of an every kind of entity.
PDs, Quotes, Codes, Memos, all of them should can have an own icon or little
representative picture (thumbnail). Both, icon and picture should be

A special icon and picture manager with diverse customizable icon palettes
would simplify the use of already existent images or the creation or import of
new elements.

All this visual information should can be seen in managers and networks.

Best Regards