View Full Version : Network display in Entity Manager

2008-02-05, 01:00 AM

currently we can select an entity in the manager and click on a toolbar
button, to display the focused network for the selected item. This can be
very helpful especially as situation check.

But I suggest a quicker method.

Imagine we could display such networks in the same manner we currently
display the comments of an item. We would simply select an item in the
Manager and Atlas.ti would instantly display its network in a special area.
This would allow us to check the situation very quickly (and also navigate
using the arrow keys)

The area could be (exactly as the current comments area) on the bottom of
the manager. So we could:
- Switch between displaying comments and displaying networks
- Or we would have both areas

We would only really open a separate Network Windows, when we would like
to really continue the network construction. To open a true network window
we could do two things: a) click on the same button as currently b) as
additional alternative, double click in the new integrated network area.

Best Regards