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2008-02-05, 12:43 PM

I already posted some thoughts about this theme, but the more I use Atlas.ti
the often I miss the possibility to annotate items (rate, assign attributes...)


- I would like to can see in the Manager which PDs are good and which of
them not good enough (e.g. not enough info, or low quality or whatever).
This would easy remember me, that I should additionally search for better
information and which documents are concerned.

- The same for codes... some of them are clear and proven, some other
problematic. We could explain this within a comment, but this is a hidden
information. I would like to can annotate this and see it at a glance as
visual feedback in the Manager and Network Views.

- The same for relations in Network Views: a little red indicator could e.g.
signalize that a relation is "unclear" or "unsure" and would have to be

Importance/relevance, priority, quality, proven/unproved, clear/questionable
and other object annotations which would be also present in the manager,
would improve our overview and work quality.

The colors you introduced are a good begin but far not enough. Also we
should be able to sort objects by their annotation value. In the case of colors
we should be able to associate names and see them in a sortable list,
we can use for annotation and remembering.

Best Regards

2010-10-10, 02:43 PM
Are annotation functions planed for the near future?
It is very uncomfortable to handle so many entities
without adequate annotation features.

Thanks, Michael