View Full Version : Columns - Relevance/Irrelevance and Space

2008-02-08, 02:08 PM

All our Managers and similar windows offer diverse columns for overviews and
organization. It would be really great, when there would be an easy way to
hide not needed columns.

This way we could win place for items and columns which are more important
for us. You also could offer many new columns, with lots of new information,
which also could be customized depending on interests.

This would can be done using a good accessible checkbox list.

Best Regards

2008-03-17, 10:05 AM

it would be excellent if we could better customize our Columns, Tips, Dialogs.

E.g. we could suppress the display and use of things like "Author", "Super",
"created by", when we don't need them. We also should can customize the
information displayed in info dialogs... of links, objects... whatever.

Information we never need, should simply not be there - it just makes
reading more difficult.

Such things could be offered as detailed checklists as many other
preferences in Atlas.ti.