View Full Version : Create Network View from Context

2008-03-12, 11:42 PM

1. Sometimes it would be helpful, to can easier create a Network View from
a special context. E.g. import all nodes associated to a special text passage.

It is possible to do this, but it is not very quickly. I suggest a quicker and more
intuitive way. Here follow two alternatives and it would be great, when both
would can be implemented. See also the picture.

a) We would simply select a passage of text and create a Network View,
which uses all entities associated to the selected text. It would be created
from the context menu or dragging the selection to the Network View button.

b) We would select a group of entities in the margin area, dragging a handle
over them. We would create the same View. Also in this case we would
create the View from the context menu, or dragging the selected entities to
the network button.

2. An other interesting thing would be, to can select several entities in the
margin area using the same Ctr+Click as in the Network view. We would
import all these entities in one go into a network view, or create a new one
from this items group.

Best Regards