View Full Version : GPL license for Atlas.ti

2008-04-21, 03:35 AM
Hello, we are from Universitat AutÚnoma de Barcelona. We want to update our Atlas.ti version, but for political reasons we need to use a GPL License version of your software.

Please consider release a version in Free Software (Free as in Freedom), maybe trial version relicensed to GPL. We are interested to pay a development.

Consider advantages doing this:

Source code could be installed in others operating systems like MacOS X and GNU/Linux, you will have more users
Community will develop plugins and new features
You will have a more competitive software that can be use with Web 2.0 interfaces

and take a look to another projects of Free Software like Firefox (old Netscape Navigator) or Wikipedia, the biggest encyclopedia.


Ńl Cano Santana,
Social Psychology Dep. UAB