View Full Version : Image Sizes, Customizable Standards

2008-05-26, 12:43 PM

An image object inside of a doc can currently be e.g. edited or iconized.

I suggest to introduce one, two or even several customizable sizes which
could be selected from the same context menu, or also appear as dialog in
the moment we paste such a picture.

E.g. if we would select a height of 4 cm, Atlas.ti would proportionally
increase/decrease the image size until its height is 4 cm.


- We would quickly obtain a better visual order, so that docs would look
more quiet and be better readable.
- We would more seldom need to open an other application for editing.
- We would easier obtain more compact documents

Please see the sample image. It shows the same document content
managed as currently (left) and using a standard height for pictures (right).
I think the advantage is clear.

Best Regards