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  1. Figured it out. Saw the scope button.

    Figured it out. Saw the scope button.
  2. Comparing gender responses-how to set up query and co-occurence table

    I interviewed married couples--separate interviews with each partner and one with both of them together, so three interviews per couple. I want to compare the combined responses of husbands and...
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    Transferring Atlas.ti to a new laptop

    I have a student license of Atlas.ti, version 7.0. The laptop computer the software is installed in is becoming unusable because of a damage in its charging port. I'm not sure how much longer I can...
  4. Renamed PDocs - new name in HU but old name retained in source folder of copy bundle?

    I'm a very new user of Atlasti 7. I started a project, coding one primary document, then decided to rename it using the rename function in the P-Docs manager. But when I tried to save a copy bundle...
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