Wishlist items:
I would hope that the newer version of Atlas.ti would include a feature
that enables the researcher to construct matricies within a memo versus
import an externally developed matrix into a memo. I find that
importing an externally developed matrix becomes cumbersome and,
sometimes, in the process of creating such matricies in a word
processing program negatives my reasons for using Atlas.ti to analyze my

Also, I would like to unlink the quotations function from the coding
function so I can code material and the coded data will not
automatically become a quotation. The way I use Atlas.ti calls for
quotations to be very different from coded data.

Last, I think it would helpful to be able to recode segments through a
drag and drop feature while in the code manager.


Jemel Aguilar
Title IV-E Field Coordinator
School of Social Work
University of Minnesota
1404 Gortner Avenue
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Saint Paul, MN 55108
Email: jaguilar@che.umn.edu