Although Atlas is not confined to a single hierarchy, it does structure
information and search according to hierarchies.

Much of what we actually find, however, is cyclical -- A cause B, Bcause
C, C causes A. Cycles are involved in any self-reinforcing system, and
so in almost all stable institutions and situations.

I would love it if Atlas had a "cycle detector" that would find and show
closed loops. Imagine what we could do with such a discovery system.
"A -> B -> C -> A" is easy to find, but what about cycles that are
dozens of steps long?

The curious thing is that I believe Thomas already has this facility, to
detect and prevent stack overflows from recursively linked codes. If
one does not do such defensive programming, a program will use all its
resources and lock up the first time a cycle is traversed. Atlas does
that occasionally, but very rarely.

Any chance of making the cycle detector overt?

Birrell Walsh
San Francisco