Dear Users,

this forum cannot be posted to. It contains most of the discussion threads from the ATLAS.ti Mailing List (founded in 1991) between 1999-2004 and serves mainly as an archive and general knowledge base.

Please note that NOT all the tips, hints, and descriptions contained in these messages refer to the same version(s) of ATLAS.ti. Some, if not many, of the statements contained here refer to older versions of the program, and thus will not produce the expected results when applied to the current version.

We therefore recommend that you do not use this forum as a "reference" or manual to the latest version of ATLAS.ti. It is, at least in some respects, more of a historical than a technical resource.

Nonetheless, with this cautionary note in mind, this archive contains some great information and most useful advice from many, many "old hands".

We thank all of you who have contributed!

The ATLAS.ti Team.