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    Angry Responses to SPSS

    Hi all,
    I need urgent help. I have some interview data in Atlas Ti. I have no idea to use this software. I would appreciate if anyone can tell me how to get the counts of the differenet reponses for a code?
    Basically what I have is different interviewee responses encoded in Atlas, from which I need to calculate the number of responses for a particular code.
    eg: Conservation - yes
    I need to know how many people said "yes" to this.
    My basic purpose is to get this into SPSS and get descriptive statistics for each code (supercode?). I'm just beginning on this software and don't have much idea with this stuff nor do have the time to sit and read the entire manual.
    I'm in deep trouble. Any help would be appreciated.
    You can sense from my "language" how idiotic I'm with the software. But I don't have other choice, its a research work, I accidentally burned my hands on!

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    The easiest thing, in your situation, might be to use the code primary document tables. Else read the chapter on spss output in your manual.


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