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    Colors in network!

    I'm still confused with this.

    Usually I just skip the "auto color" option and display everything in black & white. But it bugs me and I want to know why I cant get it the way I want it: I attached a picture below, that shows you a Code Family of mine with assigned codes. You also see that the codes occure in a wide range of frequency (one is coded 99 times, some others only 1 or 17 times.

    The 99 times assigned code is BARELY displayed in a lighter green. So the "groundedness" of my codes is surely not displayed well. What I read in the Handbook is following:

    The “auto-color” mode colors nodes along two dimensions according
    to their groundedness (i.e., the number of quotations to which they are
    linked) and their density (i.e., the number of other codes connected).
    Groundedness increases the red component, while density increases
    the blue component of the node color.
    Auto-color is restricted to nodes representing codes.
    So - obviously - my codes are not "densed" at all. They have no link to other codes (so the color blue is not going to be a part of my network). But they are highly "grounded" (REDness!!) Just why why are they not displayed in a better orange/red fashion? It cant be that the algorithm only differentiate in a higher range (like a groundedness varying from 1 to 9000 or so). Can it?

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