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    Lightbulb Node Import in Network Views


    see also the newer version:

    Here is an improved combination of some suggestions I already posted.


    A combination of the Network View and Columns could essentially improve
    our work. Overview and import functions would can be handled together and
    more powerful.

    Imagine you are in a Network view and you want to do something in the
    fallowing two situations:

    Situation 1:
    You wonder: Which Nodes have Neighbors? Which are the Neighbors?
    How to import them selectively?

    In the first sample you are interested to focus the red-orange colored Node.
    See the first drawing (on the top of the picture).

    - You can easily see that the Red object has invisible Neighbors: the "plus"
    indicates them. So it makes sense to study it.
    - You simply select it and Atlas.ti displays its Neighbors and the relations to
    them in the special Columns. (This view would can completely remove the
    current "blind" "Import Neighbors")
    - The import is simple. Select Neighbors in the Column and drag them into
    the Network View.

    Situation 2:
    You want to see Entities which aren't currently in your Network View and
    you would also eventually want to import some of them.

    See the second drawing (on the bottom of the picture)

    - If there is no Node selected, Atlas.ti displays in the Column the Nodes
    which aren't currently in the View (and could be imported)
    - This Column could display all kinds of Nodes or just special Nodes.
    This would depend on a further dropdown list which would be in the toolbar
    and contain near the same things as the current dropdown list in the "Import
    Nodes Tool". The only difference would be that there exist also the option
    "All". (This view would can completely remove our current "Import
    Nodes" Tool)
    - The import is simple. Select things and drag them into the Network View.


    - We would open the column views using buttons in the toolbar.
    - We would can manually switch between them using such buttons or Atlas.ti
    would automatically switch depending on our selections in the Network View.


    a) in the case of the Invisible Neighbors
    - here we could have 4 instead of 2 Columns
    - a new column would contain symbols for the direction of relations (separated
    from the other column which contains the labels)
    - an other column would contain the icons of the Neighbors (separated from
    their names)

    b) in the case of the Invisible Nodes
    - a further column would contain the icons (separated from their names)

    These additional columns would increase our possibilities to organize the
    elements using: link direction, link label, kind of node, node name


    The suggested way offers a better and more direct overview and also much
    more exact possibilities of selection and import of entities (of course details
    will have to be clarified, but I think the direction is very good)

    Thanks and Best Regards
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