currently we can find "Browse" in Menu/File. Atlas.ti displays there a list of
last opened HUs, no matter if their current address is still correct or not.

- We can test them clicking on "Load"
- We can remove false entries
- We can search for further HUs or the new address of now incorrect entries
using "Browse Disk"

This all can be helpful, but it is not that comfortable.

So I suggest:

1. Atlas.ti should have a button called "Find HUs on this Computer"

2. After scanning, Atlas.ti should automatically help to clean the list:
- If Atlas.ti finds a new HU name, then it adds this to the list
- If Atlas.ti doesn't find on the PC one of the names which are already
in the list, then it would mark the entry (e.g. using a red font or a sign)
We could delete such red highlighted entries manually, or we would have
two options in the preferences: if incorrect address, then: a) mark red or
b) delete HU name from the list.
- If Atlas.ti finds a HU name which is already in the list, but it states
that the addresses are different, then it would ask what to do.

3. The found list of HUs should be completely displayed in the browser,
so that we can access an every existent HU from here. We should also
can change the size of this window (list size), so that we can see many
HUs at once.

This all would save time and increase the overview.

Best Regards