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    Feedback on student version

    Hi there,
    I'm a PhD student about to embark on my data analysis with Atlas.ti. I'd be interested in hearing anyone's feedback about the student version vs. the full version (I'm debating upon which one to buy). I understand they are supposed to be the same, except for lack of upgrades in the student version, and would be interested in hearing any student's experience with the student version.


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    Hi Sandra,

    For my PhD thesis I used ATLAS.ti. Its fine to use the student version when you work on your own thesis if you only use it. But you should wait until Version 6 is released to buy. Version 6 is coming soon.

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    Hi Sandra, hi Ole,

    let me clarify a few issues: The ATLAS.ti student version is technically the same as the regular version, i.e. there is absolutely no limitation of any kind.

    In particular, there is also no time-limit for you to use it, meaning that, if you're a student, you can buy it today at the near-80% discount and use it forever! Not bad, eh.

    There is exactly only one thing that is not available to you if you own a student license: You are not offered a discount on the upgrade once a new major version of the program is released.

    But of course, all updates, service packs, and minor version upgrades that we release in between major version changes ARE included and are available for FREE. And once a new major version hits the streets, AND you are stil a student at the time, you can simply apply for a new student license and STILL pay less than the upgrade on even our discounted educational licenses.

    You know, we think this is a pretty excellent deal!

    Of course, if you apply for a student license you should make sure that you meet the criteria: We require a current official proof of registration as a full-time student with an accreditated institution and reserve the right to reject applications whose merits seem dubious. The is more information on our web site (

    One word about the much anticipated ATLAS.ti 6 in this context:

    While we draw closer to the launch of ATLAS.ti 6 sometime later this year, we still have not set a date just yet. However, there is absolutely NO reason to wait at this time. Because if your purchase falls within the six months prior to the release date, you will automatically be given the new version for free once released. And if you can hold off buying an essential work tool like ATLAS.ti for more than six months, chances are, you don't really need it for your work in the first place....

    Hope this helps a little.

    All the best!
    Dr. Thomas G. Ringmayr
    ATLAS.ti GmbH IT/Technical Operations

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    The licensing stipulations on Atlas.ti 6 were excellent -- there was no expiry date a all, and this was one big reason that drew me to Atlas.ti -- I knew I could invest countless hours to code my data, build a huge project and then, even years later when I want to open my project, still be able to open it with my copy of Atlas.ti 6.

    I was able to install it on my main computer, or on my netbook when I went out to do fieldwork. This was flexible, and very convenient!

    But with Atlas.ti 7, I was very surprised to see that student licenses expired after 3 years. This was the deciding factor for me. There's no way I'm going to build a huge QDA project, and then find out in 5 years I can't open it because the software license expired I can't afford to buy a new full-price license.

    Disappointing. It suggests a need to limit and control users, and enforce compliance with increasingly-strict licensing. Many other expensive software applications still depend more on trust and rapport with their customers rather than enforcement.

    But Atlas is still a great application, and I would use it again in a heartbeat if the licensing for v7 reverted back to the spirit of version 6.

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    expiry date

    I was surprised to see the expiry date as well as I couldn't find any mention of this when purchasing it, though your reply probably should have been a new thread rather than a necropost. I read on several fora that while the licensing agreement was specifically for student work, your access to the software did not expire.

    I am a little worried about opening my data in the future as well, although three years will be sufficient for its use as a student. But there is the peace of mind without an expiry date. If you continue work as an academic, then it is likely that campus versions will be at v7.0 or greater by the time the license ends. There is always the trial version but it has its limits..

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    Yes AtlasTI backtracked on their claim of "no time limit" Prior to 3 days ago, on AtlasTi's website, it said here:, specifically "no time limit". I have screen shots. They changed this yesterday or today to "Good for the entire duration of your studies" and "Use restricted to degree studies context".
    Too bad.

    I just won't accept a restricted license like this. I'm sure many many people are not aware of this and also bought a student version under the belief that they could use the software with no time limit as they claimed. The license for version 6 was impressive, fair and implied trust. I was quite a fan of AtlasTI!

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    Thanks guys for this new info. I was just about to buy the student version of the software, but in light of this, I will definitely not do that.
    Unfortunately, I never saw this 3 years expiry in the info about the student version, which, if true, looks dishonest on the side of Atlas.ti. False promise also, 3 years does not cover everyone's entire duration of studies.
    Too bad, invested a lot of time in experimenting with the trial version.

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    Dear all,

    Although the new student version of ATLAS.ti does have a 3-year limit, the duration of the license can be extended if you have not graduated within that time. To do so, simply send an e-mail to ATLAS.ti Support stating that you have not yet graduated. I hope this helps.
    ATLAS.ti Training Center

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