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Thread: Formatting Interface

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    Formatting Interface


    I understand very well the importance of XML, stylesheets and similar things.
    Nevertheless I would like to direct your attention to the easiness of workflows.

    We all want to present/share our results in an understandable and appealing way.
    And: we need to do these things as simply and quickly as possible.

    The software offers a list of appliable styles. This is very good and helpful.
    We also have the possibility to create our own stylesheets and customize
    the display of results, which is also very good and helpful, but ONLY WHEN
    the user has sufficient XML skills.

    I suppose:

    a) the typical user is neither a programmer, nor a web designer.
    b) the most of us don't really have the time or are interested in learning such skills.
    c) even when we can handle them, it is simpler and funnier to use more
    natural and intuitive formating editors (e.g. WYSIWYG editors). So the most
    of us would probably prefer to work with normal menus and button palettes,
    instead of program codes, exact syntaxes and abstract character strings.

    But we all are very well interested in good visual results.

    My suggestion is to think about a better interface for formatting purposes,
    which doesn't imply any XML or similar skills. The designs we create using
    this interface would be automatically converted in XML and the possibility to
    change XML code would remain accessible for people with further, special needs.

    So people which can handle XML would can switch between the XML and
    Normal View. The other (probably the most user) would only use the Normal
    (intuitive) View and remain on the SUNNY SIDE OF LIFE ;-)

    Thanks and Best Regards


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    I agree 100%. We want to present/share our results in an understandable and [U]appealing way.

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