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    Supercode List [example]

    Hello guys,

    I am practicing my first steps in XML and wanted to share some basic (and really beginner information) with you - some of you might find this very introducing guide helpful. As suggested in this forum I downloaded the trial version of Altova Stylevision as a XML editor. Altova gives some great online turtorials by the way.

    1. What I wanted to do is:

    Get a list (preferably in Word.rtf) with all my Supercodes including their query-items. It should look something like this:
    Supercode 1
    Included query items:
    Code 1
    Code 21
    Code 43
    Code 14
    Supercode 2
    Included query items:
    Code 23
    Code 12
    Code 3
    Code 5
    2. Creating and editing the XML files

    - In your HU click
    > Extras > Export to > XML
    Choose any of the three options (dunno yet what the difference is)
    > Name it "HU.xml"

    - If you use Altova (as an xml editor) do following:
    > File > New > New empty
    > Klick in the "Design Overview" > "Add source" > Choose your HU.xml

    - The schema tree underneath is full of information now. All you basically have to do is to click through the tree there and drag/drop the items you want in your output (by left klicking and holding) to the main central window (go to the very top of the window until you can drag it). For further assistance on this step, please use the online guide, which shows you everything in detail (also how to format and put breaks in) (

    - In the end, my edited xml template looks like the attached image at the bottom.

    - The output (the HTML or RTF Preview) will give you a nice list. Only negative point is, that the whole query-formula is displayed in one line:

    Instead of what I wanted:
    Supercode 1
    Included query items:
    Code 1
    Code 21
    Code 43
    it looks like this in the output:
    Supercode 1
    Included query items:
    |(cCode 1!),|c(Code21!)|c(Code34!))))
    I am not an experienced XML user, so I could not solve this in the XML editor. I guess my unsolved issue was that the "query term" is inserted content in form of a string variable and I was not able to change this. Anyway, most of us are not programmers - so my way out of this was the following:

    3. Output as RTF file, further editing there

    - In the xml Editor (Altova) klick on the RTF preview, and then on top "save copy of" and save it.

    - Open the rtf file in Word and now format the list as follows in there, with the Word-function "replace" (which opens up when you do a search: click "ctrl f" and then chose "replace"):

    Search for: !),
    Replace: !),^l
    > Replace all

    The ^l stands for a manual line-break by the way. Then do some more replace-actions and delete the not needed brackets and exclamation marks.

    Et VOILA:
    Supercode 1
    Included query items:
    Code 1
    Code 21
    Code 43
    It makes sense to do it this way, I have an output now that consists of 30 pages, including 256 Supercodes and over 600 included Codes. If any more experienced xml user wants to comment or correct some of the above actions, please feel free (as said I am just on my first steps here). But ... this is fun and brings som many more possibilities for outputting - thanks Thomas & Thomas!

    Greetings, Kathrin
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