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    [Altova] quotation table

    Hey guys,

    here is a (simple) guide how to create a table with your quotations in Altova (demo on

    Create an XML export in Atlas 6.1:
    - In your HU click
    > Extras > Export to > XML
    >Also include quotations (3rd option)
    > Name it HU.xml
    In Altova:
    > File > New > New empty
    > Klick in the "Design Overview" > "Add source" > Choose your HU.xml

    The schema tree underneath is full of information now:

    You have to click through and choose:

    >> Root Elements
    >>> PRIMDocs
    >>>> Quotations
    >>>>> q
    left click and hold the "q" and drag/drop it into the right window, onto the very top, where you will be able to insert it. You will have to choose what you want to insert. Choose "Create table"

    You will receive a template that looks this:

    You can there click each of the items and delete some, if you dont need them.

    Now on the very bootom click
    "Preview HTML" or "Preview RTF"
    and you will get a nice table output, as shown here:

    I guess you get the basic idea. Drag and drop specific elements, make table or just contents, and preview/save them as rtf or html outputs.

    PS: As soon as I figure out how to save stylesheets in a decent way I will attach them :P

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    Respect! Excellent example of making use of the XML format.

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    Hi Kathrin,

    This is great. I have fiddled around a bit with Altova myself. Have you figured out how to get the code in one cell in the corresponding quotation in the cell next to it? I know this would create a large table, but my team would find this very useful. So far I haven't been able to get it right.

    Any thoughts or suggestions you have would be greatly appreciated.


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