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    Incomplete quotations in "all codes with quotations" output

    I did an output of all quotations of my HU sorted by code, using the output called "all codes with quotations" from the code manager output menu.
    My problem is that some of the quotations are not complete, whereas some others are. However, when I select a specific code in the code manager and I do "output-quotation for selected code", the whole corresponding quotations appear (as well as in the primary document, the whole quotation is highligted). For information, my primary docs are in text format.
    Can you help me to understand why quotations are not complete when using the "all codes with quotations" output? this would be very helpful to me!
    Thanks in advance for your help!


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    Did you figure out how to get complete quotations?

    I am having the same results as you. Did you figure out how to show the full quotation? Thanks.

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    We have not been able to reproduce this problem. We have also brushed up the listing outputs a bit which could also affect the issues you are experiencing. Can you confirm that this still happens after updating to the most recent version (6.2.23)?
    - Thomas

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