Dear All,

Being a new user to Atlas.ti, I find myself running into problems when trying to apply the grounded theory to analyze 26 interviews.

As the grounded theory states;
Step 1; open coding. This step is straight forward when using the coding system the program offers.
Step 2; axial coding. This is where the program becomes difficult.

Firstly; i want to view all codes (from the combined 26 interviews) on the network viewer. However, I am unable to do this. I have already placed all 26 interview transcript word docs into the same Primary Doc Family, but when I open the network viewer, I see the quotations and not the codes. I do not find any option to change this view and only see the codes.

Also, at some stage I would like to group several interviews together and analyse only those; is this possible with the program?

My final question; what is the usefulness of coding families?

I much appreciate any help on these tough questions!