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    Problems accesing HU remotely

    Hi there,
    I am currently using version 6.2 and have saved my HU on a data stick. However, I can only open and view the full HU, with the transcripts, on 2 computers on my university campus. I have tried to open the HU on my research supervisor's computer and on my laptop (which uses Windows 7) but the transcripts do not appear in either place. The names of the PDs are visible along with portions of the codes and quotations in the top tool bar, but nothing else is visible. I have tried uploading a copies into Dropbox but that doesn't work either. I'm trying to create more than 1 copy of the HU so that I have a back up and so that my research supervisor can read the HU without needing my data stick.

    Any ideas?


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    Hi Monique,
    In the current version of ATLAS.ti, you can access documents in two ways: a) as external sources and b) as embedded documents. When working with external sources (which means that you have "assigned" the documents into the HU) and you want to work with same HU in two or more computers, you have to create a bundled file in order to transfer the work from the original computer to the second one. The bundled file is a compressed file that will contain the project's primary documents (i.e., documents that have been "assigned" to the HU) as well as all of the analytical work done with those documents. Bundled files should also be created as a daily back-up of your HU and they should be saved in an external drive (or Dropbox, etc.). To create a bundled file, go to Tools/Copy Bundle/Create Bundle. Save it in a location different from the location where the original HU is stored (e.g., flash drive). Following, in the second computer, open ATLAS.ti, go to Tools, Copy Bundle/Install Bundle. Select the location where you want to install it and select the file from the flash drive.

    Note: in the second computer you do not have to have the source documents installed prior to the installation of the bundled file, since the bundled file will install in that computer all primary documents. In order to reopen in the original computer the HU that has been modified in the second computer, just "save as" the HU (adding the date to it) and open it again in the original computer.

    It is important that before you proceed, to take a few minutes to read the manual chapter "Project Backup and Migration" (page 128) as well as the chapter "Document Management" (page 102). This is essential reading.
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