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    Unhappy Help With Lost Documents


    I have been working on a team using Dropbox (an external drive that you can save like the "cloud"). Everyone had their own folders with all the PDs copied and I merged all the files and saved the merged copy onto a different folder within the shared folder on Dropbox. As people finished their assignments, they deleted their folder from Dropbox. When I open the HU the files are not there even though the merged copy is in a distinct folder with all the PDs there. Is there anything that I can do to relink the PDs? and will the codes appear if I am able to relink the PDs again?

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    Dear Margarita,
    Since the issue has to do with not being able to access source documents, I suggest that you send a ticket to Technical Support explaining the situation. Look for Support Center on the ATLAS.ti website. Also, I suggest that you read chapters of the full manual "Data Management in ATLAS.ti" (page 105), "Setting Up a New Project" (page 112), "Project Backup and Migration" (page 128), and "Team Project Management" (page 149). These chapters provide the information you need to manage your source documents efficiently and to work in teams using shared drives (page 157).
    I hope this helps.
    ATLAS.ti Training Center

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