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    xml import of codes


    I'm a student and a newbie here!

    I've looked through the xml posts. It looks like xml import/export of atlas is an orphan. I might be wrong...

    I'm looking, like a few others on this forum for and an xml code import structure.

    There's nothing about xml structures in the documentation (latest version 7). The links on this forum thread are deadbeats!

    I'm wondering, is this the communication culture of atlas... ?

    Is there anybody out there ...

    I'd like to import 1500 codes belonging to (in atlas language) families (in ms access - convertible to xml) or must I write them manually for atlas? Seems a little ridiulous in respect to the intention of xml...

    I am interested to see a) if and b) how Atlas will respond.

    Lets see!
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    Hi, XML is very much at the heart of ATLAS.ti, but what you're asking sounds more of a support/usage issue than a topic for the (more technical) XML forum. Please contact our support via htp:// and we will be happy to point you in the right direction.

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