Hi, I have a set of 436 primary documents I'm working with that are doc, docx, pdf and html.

While importing them into My Library, I get an error that says HTML is not supported. Am I reading that correctly?! As expensive and feature-rich ATLAS.ti is, it does not support what is arguably the format most of the documentary information in the world resides?

I looked around and this article seems to indicate that an old MS file converter can convert HTML for ATLAS.ti once installed. This doesn't work anymore in ATLAS.ti v 7 as after following those directions the files are still not supported (and if you've ever read plain text of HTML, it's not meant for humans to read and edit unless they're coding).

So, does this mean I have to convert each of these files to the far inferior PDF format?

This is exceedingly disappointing. I hope I'm just missing something.