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    Transferring Atlas.ti License from one PC to the other


    I currently run Atlas.ti on one PC, and would like to move it to a new PC.

    In other words, I would like to uninstall Atlas.ti from the old PC I am not going to use anymore, and reinstall it on the newer PC; in the process, I would like to transfer the license.

    Is there a specific process I should follow to transfer this license?

    Thank you in advance and best regards,


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    Hi there,

    Yes, you need to uninstall the program from your old computer first. Don't forget to back up your projects using the Copy Bundle tool before you do this, though!

    Then you make a new installation on your new computer, using your existing installation filer (or CD) and your license key.

    If you need specific assistance, please contact us through, we will be happy to help.
    ATLAS.ti Support Team

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