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    coding more quotations at once and saving PM's/sharing HU's

    Hi, I am a new user of atlas.ti, and have a few questions.

    1. I have coded quite a few primary documents now. Some of the documents were from one source (students for example), so I coded the entire document as 'student' (selected the whole document and coded that), thinking it would then apply to every quotation I would select and code afterwards. Now that I am starting to analyse I'm realizing this is not the case. Is there a a way I can 'automatically' code more quotations at once, or do I have to individually code every quotation with that 'student' code?2. I'm using the program on a work computer, and want to save it on a shared network. But when my colleague opens the HU, the primary documents don't show. Is that because I have saved the PD's in an individual library instead of a team library? It's confusing because when he opens it, the titles do show in the bar, they just won't open.

    Thanks for your help!

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    1. if you want to "code" an entire document, then this means adding an attribute to the entire document. For this, you are better off using PD families.

    Open the PD MAnager and select all documents that belong to a particular group. Drag and drop them to the side panel. You will be asked to enter a name for your new PD family.

    in terms of analysis: use the query tool to select your codes or a code combination
    click on the scope button and filter your results by PD family

    or: for a quantiatve overwiew use the Codes-Primary Documents table. You find both options under the analysis menu.


    2. The HU file does not contain your documents, only what you did with your documents. Therefor you see all entries for documents listed, all quotations listed, all codes listed, etc. but the documents cannot be displayed because they are not contained in the HU file (just take a look at the size of the HU file :-) - the only exception is if you work with internal documents. Then you see in an entry in the PDocs Manager "in HU". Document "in HU" are in fact stored inside the HU file. This applies to imported transcrips, survey data and internally created text documents.

    to transfer a project including documents, you need to use the opy bundle function. Under the project menu you see Save, Save as..., Save copy bundle

    you find further information in the following newsletter entry:

    kind regards, Susanne
    Dr. Susanne Friese
    Qualitative Research & Consulting

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