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    Atlas 3.5 SP86 AX2009 License not getting installed on the laptop,

    we are using Atlas XL on excel 2010, have installed atlas on laptop, we can see the tool bar ,

    somehow license is not getting installed, we have tried everything, uninstalled and installed back again, but license will not show under atlas preference ,
    what could be the problem,
    we did contact the Atlas support, and they told us , since we are using the old version 3.5 they don't support that much this version,
    and they tested the license in their computer, its works, but some how its not working in our computer,
    is there some setting issue,
    can some one help, or they have gone through same problem

    will appreciate the help.

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    Please note that neither a "version 3.5" nor an "Atlas XL" of ATLAS.ti exists. Most likely, you mean something else (perhaps even a different product?). Also, Excel is not an operating system. Hence it is not really clear what version of ATLAS.ti you really have and how we can help.

    Your best option would be to contact Support again with clearer information; this forum is not a platform for actual technical support. - You may want to create and include system report as described at (this is a single file with the extension ".AtlRep"), along with a clear description of the problem.

    With detailed and accurate information, our support team should be a able to find a solution.

    All the best!
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