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    Question Auto Coding New PDs

    Dear all,

    I am evaluating a demo version of Atlas and am having difficulties figuring out a certain feature, if Atlas has it at all. Say I have created several codes for 100 PDs, is there way for these codes to automatically be applied to any new PDs I add to the library or do I have code each one of them again? To elaborate, I have created the codes using the auto-coding feature and have about 50 codes with roughly 500 quotations each. It would be quite the task to run all the 50 auto-codes every time I add a new PD. I'd like for Atlas to be able to recognize that I have added a new PD and then automatically scan it against all the pre-existing 50 codes and see whether any apply. Please let me know whether Atlas has such a feature.

    Thanks very much.

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    Hi Analyst,
    there is no function to autocode new pd's, except to work with your saved autocodes. I agree it would be a nice function to have some sort of log where you can select some auto codings that you've done in the past, to use them on new pd's. You can try to suggest it to the team, but I guess it won't be high priority now the mac version is out.

    Warm greetings,

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