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    Question XML style sheet question


    I am having trouble exporting a coded transcript to excel/SPSS. Here is a brief explanation of what I need:

    - Export all text (not just quotations)
    - Display corresponding codes in separate column
    - If possible, display time of text (can this be done with anchors from the accociated/transcribed videofile timeline?)

    Therefore, I cannot merely use the standard report style sheet that exports all quotations by code.

    The reason that I need all text is that I need to do an inter coder reliability check, and for this I need the full text as it is the only identical document across the two HU's I need to export and then compare. (Note: I have tried to merge HU's, which would be simpler, but I get an error stating that the PD's are inconsistent)

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    What you describe sounds more like "Print with Margin" than an actual export. Note that ATLAS.ti does not actually "read" or "memorize" the full content of primary documents, and thus cannot "export" it. An export is possible for objects actually stored in the program, i.e. quotes, codes, memos, and comments. -- The only function that comes close to what you seem to want would be the "Print with Margin" option. You find that under Documents > Output.
    ATLAS.ti Support Team

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