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    Code Families - Codes - Quotations (all content)


    I have tried to do this basic xml output but cant succeed. I am looking for an HTML view that allows me to see code family (left column), code (right column) and then for each code (clickable) all quotation content.

    So, the layout should be like what is now available in the XML templates called
    "Families: List of Code Families and their Members" (screenshot 1 below)
    But then, additionally, the codes to the right should be expandable to show the actual quotations (content) to each code; like can be seen in the XML template called
    "HU entity explorer" (screenshot 2 below)

    Is there a possibility to add this link (code - quotation) into that column?

    It would be very very handy to have this as standard template. This way you could navigate through the produced HTML file just like if you would browse through the Object explorer in Atlas.
    However, it would be also enough (but not as overviewable, if there would be a third column to the right with the linked quotes to each code)

    Thanks for feedback, if I succeed and creating something like this, I will post it here.
    Best, Kathrin
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