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    Getting a better output report


    I am absolutely new in Atlas.ti, then, all help Forum may give will be great!

    I have developed a set of codes that I have grouped into families. Now I'd like Atlas.ti produces the output report with codes sorted
    according to their meaning, not as commonly done in alphabetical order.

    and another question, is it possible that relationship between quotations (such as explain, critized, expand...) appear in the output report?

    Is this possible?

    best regards

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    Hi Christina,

    I think you posted this question elsewhere on the forum already - but let me try again.

    I think that you mean you want an output in the order of codes? ATLAS.ti cannot decide on meaning, this needs to be decided by the researcher.

    in the Code Manager

    if you highlight a couple of codes and select Output / quotations for selected codes - then the order is by quotation IDs in order to avoid exporting the same quotations multiple times if coded by more than one code

    if you however prefer an output in the order of the codes that you have selected.
    set a code family as global filter (right click on a code family in the side panel of the Code Manager)
    then select output / all codes with quotations

    this output does not contain hyperlinks - you will only be asked whether to include hyperlinks when selecting the option Output / quotations of selected code(s)

    kind regards,

    Dr. Susanne Friese
    Qualitative Research & Consulting

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    Hi Susanne,

    I have started using Atlas.ti and a run some anlysis and am battling for a better ouput with Atlas.ti log on the document. What i have does not give me this.?

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    can you please describe what you are doing to generate output and what you are looking for in the output.

    As you mentioned you are knew to ATLAS.ti, you may need a more detailed instruction than I have provided. But please let me know what type of information you need.

    kind regards, Susanne
    Dr. Susanne Friese
    Qualitative Research & Consulting

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