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    Linked Documents in Mac version

    Is there a way to use linked documents in the Mac version? If not, will it be coming with the version 8 release?

    Also, is it possible to use an external library on Mac? There seems to be some documentation indicating that you can on the site, but the relevant menu options are not there in the current version. I hope that this is on the roadmap because storing large amounts of data in the ~/Library folder on Mac OS means that your system drive must have enough space to hold everything. Personally, I don't like to see ANY programs store user data in ~/Library without a way to change it for this reason.

    Finally, when you do use linked documents, how does it affect Atlas.ti when the linked document changes. For example, I'd like to create a library containing all my journal article PDFs as linked documents from their relevant location in my Zotero library. What will happen if I open that document in Acrobat and add annotations and then open it back up in Atlas.ti. Alternatively, I could point Zotero at the managed version in the Atlas.ti library; what potential issues would that bring up?

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    Great questions - I'm also struggling to understand where the Mac project "lives" or if/how you can control this. I have used cloud storage to move a transfer bundle from PC to Mac but and imported - but where have I imported it to? Hopefully some answers will be forthcoming :-)

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    I notice this thread has so far received no answer. I would very much like to know if linked documents can be used (again) in the future?

    If I'm correct this is not currently possible in the Mac version. This makes doing literature reviews practically impossible for me; I'm an historian and have a huge literature database. Importing documents effectively doubles the space they use on my drive as they are also in my reference manager.

    Any pointers much appreciated.

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    I have the exact same question. Where does the project "live"? I am working with a desktop and laptop and find that I am continually making exports of projects that can be imported. But this confuses things and space is used on the hard drive for projects that I no longer use. It would be much easier to know where the project lives so that I can use Dropbox as the storage and always have my Mac point to it. I hope this issue can be answered. Thanks!

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    Hello, the location of the project data repository for ATLAS.ti Mac is the directory ~/Library/Application Support/ATLAS.ti. This can currently not be changed.

    A request to make this location configurable is already on record and will be considered in a future version (but there is no concrete timetable as of this writing). Thank you for your understanding.

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