Dear Atlas.ti community,

I have been trying to find a way to export only the codes for specific sections within a single document. For example, I am curious what elements in the main text of a document are also mentioned in the executive summary of the same document. In order to do this comparison I have been trying to get two separate code lists from the same document, one covering the executive summary, and one covering the rest. However, i have only so far found one way to do this and it is sort of a workaround:

1. I open up Quotation Manager.
2. Filter for the Primary Document of interest.
3. Use the "Start" column to find Quotations for my pages of interest.
4. Select those quotations and Open Network View.
5. Select all Quotations, right click and Import Codes.
6. Specials > Generate Family > Create Code Family for the imported codes.
7. Generate a code list for the newly created Code Family and export it in an XML file.

Is there any quicker/better way to do this? Thanks beforehand for your help.

Kind regards,

Max Brouwer